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Why It’s Wrong To Always Be Doing Something For Someone You Care For

August 17, 2011



When was the last time that you were able to slow down, relax, and simply enjoy the relationship with the one you care for?  It’s no secret that many of us who provide care for someone we love feel like we’re living a 36-hour day!  Toileting, bathing, grooming, dressing, daily routines, the list of things that caregivers have to help do for the ones […]

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8 Strategies For Reducing Stress and Strengthening Relationships

July 22, 2011



For those of you who have had the privilege of accompanying people on life’s journey who have a diagnosis of autism or dementia, you know that it is not always easy being with them.  Their challenging behaviors are often a reflection of inner distress and what they need most is a relationship with someone who is willing […]

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Autism: Is There Anybody In There?

July 13, 2011



As David’s mother watches her two-year old sleep, she often fears that “that tomorrow could be the day that autism will take more away of him and less will be there when he wakes.” For this mother, autism “is taking away some of his abilities to be free.  I want to help him to hold […]

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The Top 5 Ingredients Of A Good Support Team

July 11, 2011



Don Bennett was on top of the world. He was wealthy; he owned a ranch, an eight-bedroom waterfront home on Mercer Island, and a ski chalet.  Life was good. And then everything changed. A boating accident resulted in Don losing his right leg.  To make matters worse, during his lengthy hospital stay, his business fell […]

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What You Should Know About Personal Space

July 7, 2011



Question:  when my autistic son is angry I want to comfort him and quiet him down by giving him a hug or simply putting my arms around him.  When I attempt to do this he pushes me away.  On the other hand, if I walk away he follows me around the house either whining or sometimes screaming!  […]

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When Life Gets Tough(er)

July 6, 2011

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Life as we knew it was about to change – again. Along with  our “special needs” young adult son and our college and high-school aged  daughters we began a series of challenging adjustments when Joe’s mom joined  our household. Recovering from a two month hospitalization and nursing home  rehabilitation stay, she unpacked her few and […]

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How To Use The Golden Rule To…

July 4, 2011


Did you know that you could use the “Golden Rule” to prevent or de-escalate crisis behaviors? You can!  The “Golden Rule” or as it’s called in social psychology, Social Reciprocity, is a time-tested relational concept that can help you to prevent or de-escalate crisis behaviors.  There is a fair amount of research in the fields of crisis management […]

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